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If you want to have a university in his Church, starting with the level Institute; taking levels of:                  




 - Master's Degree

 - Doctor's Degree

We are in a position to support them in every necessary to ensure that this dream is a reality in your Church and your City.

Without any financial cost to begin operating without payments annually or monthly, if this is possible.

If you are a Pastor, do not hesitate to contact directly with the President of the University in the USA and even from the outside to the following telephone number 1-919-452-5121 or write to email:

Within 7 working days will have a response from our University.  If you're a leader of a ministry or a layman, comment on this to its Pastor and contact the President of the University. We have the plan of study suited to their needs.


Osvaldo Diaz

President Founder


 Tel:1-919-452-5121 Fax: 1-919-381-4888