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Graduate in

Master of Arts in

Doctor of Philosophy in

Certificate of Biblical Studies



Associate Degree in Theology

Pastoral Care


Bachelor of Arts in Theology


Pastoral Care

Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Care

Christian Counseling

Pastoral Care

Honoris Causa

Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Theology



The university curriculum of Word of Fire Christian University is designed to award each student according to his effort to achieve.  To those who do not satisfy the minimum require-ments for enrollment in Word of Fire Christian University we offer a Certificate of Biblical Studies, which consists of ten (10) seminars for the school year (ten months).

The Word of Fire Christian University seminars shall be determined by the Founding President. 


The schedule of classes will be always be emailed from the Director’s website or any other available method.  Each student is personally responsible for reading over the schedule and coming to class in time to receive pertinent information.  Our classes are structured to offer the very best quality of instruction within our means.


Credits for years served as pastor or instructor (he/she must have dropped out of a three-year high school program):  experience offered by the student will be considered, evaluated, and awarded consequently by the Registrar, the Vice-President, and the professors, along with the final approval of the Founding President, who shall always review the evidence provided.  The student shall be notified of the number of credits received for life experience in ministry.  Credits for life experience in ministry shall not exceed forty per cent (40%) of the total required grades and hours of study.



Word of Fire Christian University shall award a university degree to those students who complete their program in its entirety and who owe no debt of any kind.


A certificate of achievement shall be conferred on students who successfully complete a specific course of study and do not receive a [university] degree.



University students:  there shall be refunded up to fifty per cent (50%) of money paid prior to the refund request toward incomplete [not yet begun/in session] subjects [classes] and seminars; this does not apply towards subjects already begun/in session where there has been any class attendance, although the student may not have been present for exams or homework assignments or a thesis or any other research paper.  The refund request must be made in writing in duplicate explaining the reason for same, with the name of the petitioner, his/her student ID, and the date.